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Whether you are new to moving machinery or it is something you do with ease, Mohr Corporation can provide as much or as little assistance as you require to remove, load and ship used industrial machinery worldwide. Below are listed a number of things to consider…

Disconnection and Removal: … Know the right details

  • Proper description
  • Number of pieces for each machine
  • Weight and dimensions of each separate item
  • Determine how to identify each item for disconnection and ease of reconnection (disassembly and reassembly)
  • Assemble installation, operating and maintenance manuals
  • Select the right contractor with the correct handling equipment and disconnection skill trades personnel.

Preparation for Shipment: … Determine the method and means

  • Boxes, crates, or skids to be fabricated or purchased
  • Hold down chains and binders
  • Handling capabilities at point of origin and destination
  • Weights, dimensions, and number of pieces
  • Check with carrier on details for proper and safe handling
  • Establish buyer’s and/or seller’s responsibilities regarding preparation
  • Method
    • LTL (less than truckload)
    • Motor freight carrier
    • Flatbed Trailer
    • UPS or FedEx (or other package carrier)
    • Air or ocean freight
    • Shipment provided by buyer
    • Other methods

Handling for Loading and Unloading: …Handle with care

  • Check with manufacturer for handling points and recommended handling equipment.
  • Packaging materials needed if any.
  • Weight of each item and total weight.
  • Communicate all information to carrier.
  • Safety and damage prevention

Shipment by Land, Air or Sea: …Knowing the difference

  • Flatbed trailer – Allows for direct chaining and reverse order unloading.
  • LTL or Partial Shipment – Will commodity be off loaded or moved before reaching final destination?
  • Consequences of additional handling

Insurance: …Who, what, how and where

  • How is shipment insured and by whom?
  • Know the amount of insurance.
  • Who to contact for making a claim.
  • Precautions to take… what if damage occurs?
  • Check your own insurance coverage and available riders.