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Mohr serves POWDER METAL and CERAMIC manufacturers globally, specializing in machinery sales and factory liquidations. From one machine to entire factories, our organization has 55+ years of experience selling and valuing used machinery. We are a long-established global organization focusing on proper service to our clients and customers.

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Industry Experience

Mohr is the eldest and most experienced organization for used manufacturing machinery sales and factory liquidations serving these industries as a specialty.

Brilliant Team

The people at and associated with the Mohr Corporation maintain a continuing education attitude and commitment to learn more about the machinery that we trade in and industries that we serve.

Creative & Professional

The same machine may not necessarily have the same value to everyone. All factors are evaluated by Mohr resulting in the best return in value for our clients.

Complex Sollutions

At Mohr Corporation, we find out what our clients and customers really need, and supply him/them with appropriate service.

Networked Globally

Geographical location of your prospective buyers is important to know as well as the geographical locations to which your industry may be moving or where it is expanding.


54+ years of experience specializing in the Powder Metal and Advanced Ceramic Industries offers knowledge about the machinery, second-hand machinery markets, and buyers to whom it could be sold.
Using Mohr Corporation “Proprietary” mailing lists, Mohr can market your surplus machines to the most likely buyers in appropriate markets nationally and/or globally.
Mohr knows the providers of sub-contract services for work needed by prospective buyers from minor repair or significant rebuilding to shipping and delivery. Enhancing the value of the machinery to the potential buyer and providing you, the seller, to focus on your manufacturing operations.
Mohr is global and knows the areas of growth where your surplus assets may be worth most in value where the need is the greatest.
Eliminate risk, maximize your return on sale, and increase plant efficiencies by selling unused machinery taking up valuable floor space and funds. We require no fees until we sell the machinery and receive payment. Invite a Mohr representative to view and discuss the value and sale of your upcoming or present unneeded manufacturing machinery.