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250 Ton DORST PC Press

Lot:  J1035.01
Model: TPA-250H
Location: Country of TURKEY

Mohr Corporation offers one complete DORST powder compacting press for powder compacting of powder metals, advanced ceramics, abrasives and other materials. Fully operational, complete and ready for export shipment to any location globally. Press with all accessories will fit into a 40 High Cube container.

The software language on the PLC touch panel is Turkish but can be translated into English without any additional cost. Press comes with operating manuals and electrical manuals prepared by Dorst and they are all in English.


    Do you need our machinery assistance?

    DORST Presses in all tonnages are always in high demand with our customers. If you are considering resale of your DORST and need valuation and market knowledge, contact MOHR for inspection and free consultation. Mohr is experienced, responsible and provides a professional service outcome from inspection to shipping of machinery.