Used STOKES 12 Ton Press 107 key
Used STOKES 12 Ton Press 107 Lot: J954.06

Lot:  J954.06
Serial Number: CT 33808 LOT C28334
Type of Press: Compacting Press

Condition: 12 ton OPPOSED RAM powder compacting press with one and five/eighths inches (1-5/8”) powder fill depth rated for 12-48 compacts per minute, this make, and model of press is used worldwide for pressing powders from powder metals, ceramics, abrasives, and many others. This press has a powder feed shoe and electrical controls including single or continuous cycle and inch and has a brake feature. The new owner can install a core rod. The press was photographed in a cage for considerable guarding, and caging is being removed and discarded and is not included. Operating controls are installed.

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