Used STOKES 294 60 TON PRESS Lot: J954.17
Used STOKES 294 60 TON PRESS Lot: J954.17

Lot:  J954.17
Serial Number: B65775 LOT B49840
Type of Press: Compacting Press

Condition: Offering one (1) 60 ton STOKES Model 294 automatic powder compacting press Serial #B65775, Lot #B49840. Specifications include dual compaction pressures, 2 5/8” powder fill depth and 60 tons compaction pressure up to 4″ in diameter at a rate of 20 to 55 per minute. As photos show, this is a well-equipped press, with operating features normally not found for such presses enhancing production applications for it. Review the Stokes published specifications provided and descriptions of operating controls on the control panel and you will find an exceptional opportunity with this press for compacting PM, advanced ceramics, hard metals/tungsten carbides, and other materials.

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