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used Olympic Gas Kiln
used Olympic Gas Kiln

Lot: J1039.01
Model: DD125CAR
Serial: AA-0670

Olympic Kiln, gas fired, rated for up to 2350°F firing temperature using 13 burners firing upward in downward in down-draft kiln design. Kiln car equipped with refractory brick deck. Still installed in the State of Indiana in the USA, this kiln is complete and reportedly was used to fired up to 1300° for ceramic additive trial products and prototype catalysts. Interior dimensions are approximately 60” x 60” x 60”. Outside approximate dimensions (w x d x h) inches: 65 x 137 x 82.

This furnace has many applications and can be quite easily removed from present site of installation, loaded and shipped domestically in North America for the new owners use. Price is low and very attractive for a buyer/user/investor. Don’t delay, contact Mohr today!A complete set of LP orifices and extra set of natural gas orifices, solenoid values for buyer and pilots, main gas supply solenoid, handle and pilot values, thermocouples and oven controller and natural gas regular may be included.

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Item Location: California

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Item Location: Indiana