Paul O Abbe Rota Cone Blender
Paul O Abbe Rota Cone Blender

Lot: J1028.01
Serial: A23334

We offer one (1) Rota-Cone POWDER BLENDER, a s.s. cone shaped 13.5 cu. ft. total capacity blender manufactured by the Paul O.ABBE Company as S/N  A23334. Engineered and manufactured “for adding liquids to a dry base – for blending and solids coating,” it is complete with spray nozzle, stands and drive motor. It is out of service from ceramic material development and has many other material applications. Mohr is exclusive sales agent on behalf of Mohr’s client. Shipment can be arranged to any location globally. Price is very low for type, make and condition of this blender. Contact with Mohr Corporation for discussion about your application will be welcome.



    Contact Mohr for any assistance needed as you consider this press for your applications and discuss rigging and shipment options.

    Phone: +1 (810) 225-9494

    Item Location: Maryland

    Country: USA

    Rigging and shipment can be arranged for the buyer by Mohr Corporation to any location globally.

    Approximate Shipping weight 650 lbs

    Approximate Overall Height: 71″ running clearnace

    Floor space: R-L 85″
    F-B at floor line: 53″
    F-B at top of crown, including drive unit: 88″

    Item Location: Maryland