SWECO Vibro-Energy Finishing Mill

Lot: J1028.03b – SOLD
Model: DM01L / DM01C (Blue)
Serial: DM188994C

Mohr  Inventory J1028.03a, one (1) SWECO VIBRO-ENERGY part finishing mill Model DM01L, S/N #DM188994C (white color) is now on offer. This is a 1/3 hp design and a widely used make and type of mill used for finishing parts manufactured from tungsten carbides and other PMs, alumina and other advanced ceramics and more materials. The mill’s base color is white, stated because of a like SWECO mill in blue color, a  similar model also on sale. This mill has been in extensive storage, is complete and in working condition and can be shipped to any location globally. Do not miss this opportunity for purchase.

Video and manual available upon request.

Contact Mohr Corporation for discussion, to arrange an inspection, and for purchase.
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Email: service@mohrcorp.com

Item Location: Maryland

Country: USA

Rigging and shipping contractors are standing by for domestic USA and export shipping services. Mohr can ship to any location globally.

Item Location: Maryland