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Vanasse Lehr Kiln KeyIMG_2511
Vanasse Lehr Kiln KeyIMG_2511

Lot: J1037.01
Model: L48-82
Serial: 99-044

Manufactured in 1999, Mohr Corporation offers one previously used 1500° F, 4′ x 82′ Decorating Kiln electrically operated wtih 480V, 3 Phase, 602 Hz, 386 Amps.  This kiln has a 4 foot wide belt, and a 14 inch tunnel clearance for glass decorating. Excellent Condition. Manual available for full specifications upon request.

Completely operational, this kiln is offered for sale exclusively by Mohr Corporation on behalf of our client, the owner, at a very favorable price. Contact Mohr for further information or your purchase. Offering price is a fraction of the original purchase price, very modest indeed. Mohr can arrange shipment of this furnace to any location nationally or globally.

Contact Mohr Corporation for discussion, to arrange an inspection, and for purchase.
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Item Location: California

Rigging and shipping contractors are standing by for domestic USA and export shipping services. Mohr can ship to any location globally.

Item Location: Utah